Reactive Hypoglycaemia Seminar (online 23rd July)


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Reactive Hypoglycaemia Masterclass - Tailor Clinics


ONLINE EVENT: Tuesday 23rd July, 7pm 


Join us for a 60 minute online masterclass with Registered Nutritionist, Nicole Freebairn, to understand what reactive hypoglycaemia is, why it occurs and how best to prevent and manage it going forward. 


You will learn: 


  • What is reactive hypoglycaemia after bariatric surgery
  • The different types of ‘dumping syndrome’ and how to differentiate between early and late dumping 
  • How to know if you are experiencing a reactive hypoglycaemic episode 
  • The potential causes of reactive hypoglycaemia and how to identify your triggers 
  • How to manage or treat a reactive hypoglycaemic episode - what to do in the moment 
  • Nutrition and lifestyle strategies to help prevent reactive hypoglycaemia
  • How your blood sugars are regulated and how to eat in a way that supports optimal blood sugar regulation after bariatric surgery
  • Additional support options available to you 


In addition to this you will get: 


  • A chance to ask Nicole your questions 
  • Take-home resources 
  • A recording of the masterclass to watch back in your own time (valid for 60 days) 


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