* Patients should follow the instructions of their bariatric team regarding appropriate supplementation. Proper supplementation should be viewed as an individualised regimen based upon each patient’s individual medical history, blood results and current medication use.




  • Can people who haven’t had bariatric surgery take bariatric meal replacements if they wanted to ‘diet’?


Any of the Tric Nutrition protein powders can be consumed by anyone at all, not just bariatric surgery patients. They need to be advised that anyone wishing to undertake a weight management program involving meal replacements should seek the advice of a health professional.


  • Who needs the bars, and why? Where do they fit into the diet?

The Proti-15 bar is primarily a protein bar that should be used in situations where a protein food is unavailable and for convenience, is readily accessible. They can also be used instead of a meal if they are supplemented with further protein, as the bars only have 15 gm. They are not designed to be used as snacks as they add to the daily caloric intake and oppose the 3 meals/day guidelines that we promote for bariatric patients.


  • Are the Tric protein powders Gluten Free?


All Tric Protein + powders are gluten free 



  • During the preop diet – what sort of meal do patients of Tailor Clinic have when not having meal replacements?


The pre-op diet at Tailor Clinics includes two meal replacements a day, with a ‘normal’ meal as the third meal. This meal is generally a palm-sized piece of protein (without sauces or gravies) and 1-2 cups of non-starchy vegetables.


  • Are the Tric, and Bariatrix Nutrition products suitable for people who are lactose intolerant?


Most of the protein products we sell are still okay for people who are lactose intolerant because the basis of our products is whey protein isolate, meaning the purest form of protein without much in the way of added components of fillers like lactose, found in alternative protein powders (whey concentrate) and it generally undergoes an ultrafiltration process minimizing the volume of lactose present. If you are allergic or extremely sensitive to dairy, or if you experience side effects, you may need to try a non-dairy protein alternative, such as pea or hemp protein.



  • What are the most popular bariatric multi-vitamins that Tric sells? 

Our locally manufactured once a day multi-vitamin capsule (with or without iron) suits the majority of our bariatric surgery customers. 


  • What are the essential 2 in 1 Vitamins?


The Essential Multi 2 in 1 is a multivitamin that contains all of the essential vitamins coupled with calcium citrate. They do not contain iron.


  • What is the ADEK multivitamin and how is it different to the standard multi? Why can only Loop patients have these?


The Multi ADEK is a multivitamin that has higher levels of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K for those procedures where greater malabsorption can potentially occur (such as BPD, duodenal switch and some Loop gastric bypasses)


  • If someone has Tric Multivitamin+24 – can they also take the iron options?


The Tric multivitamin contain 24 mg of iron respectively. If a patient is still iron deficient anaemic (low iron) it is an option to take a further oral iron supplement such a 30 or 60 mg iron.


  • What is the 3 in 1 drink mix?


The 3 in 1 drink mix is multivitamin drink mix that contains a full complement of vitamins and minerals coupled with calcium citrate and fibre and is designed to be mixed with water. Ideal for early post-op patients where swallowing solids is a struggle, as well as those who find capsules and tablets leave them nauseated.


  • Are there samples of the vitamins for people to try?


There are individual samples that can be tried in the Tric Nutrition shop in the Hamilton clinic. We unfortunately don’t have individual vitamin samples available through the on-line store.


  • Why can’t you take a multivitamin with iron at the same time as calcium?


Some bariatric Multi-vitamins contain iron along with the essential vitamins and minerals, and this interacts with calcium so they should not be taken together. Calcium interferes with the absorption of iron, so these two products need to be taken a minimum of two hours apart




  • Why take zinc + copper?


Zinc helps to boost the immune system, assists with hair maintenance and promotes healing. It also helps proteins and the genetic material DNA. Copper also helps supports immune function and iron absorption. They are together to help balance absorption of both nutrients.


  • Who would need the pro-biotics?


Anyone who wishes to restore their gut flora and/or support their immune system and promote digestive health (for example, people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS, or lactose intolerance can benefit from probiotics). Probiotics have also been shown to assist with weight loss. (please see the dosage and disclaimer advice on the Details page)


  • Can anyone take the HSN (Hair, Skin, Nails)? On top of other supplements – is this okay? Does it help with hair loss?


Anyone can take Hair, Skin and Nails and it should be taken in conjunction with the standard multivitamin, it is not a replacement. It is designed to focus primarily on those micronutrients that assist with restoring hair, reinforcing strong nails and rejuvenating the skin. It contains iron, so needs to be taken separately from calcium.

It can interact with some medications, so advice should be sought from a healthcare professional prior to use.




  • What’s the difference between Calcium citrate and calcium carbonate?


Calcium citrate is better absorbed after bariatric surgery and doesn’t require food for it to be absorbed (like calcium carbonate). All calcium is best absorbed in levels of 500 mg or less, and preferably with added Vit D to aid in the absorption of the calcium.


  • Is there a difference in absorption between Calci chews and Calci Plus?


All forms of Calcium sold through Tric Nutrition are Calcium Citrate in 500 mg doses. This is the recommended form of calcium after weight loss surgery. The different forms accommodate different tastes, textures and flavours and all calcium citrate forms have similar absorption qualities, however the calci plus tablets are specially formulated to break down quickly.




  • Cookbooks –when do you receive them?


The original recipe book “Create Savour Enjoy” is provided to all patients of Tailor Clinics at their 8 mth follow-up. Retreat participants will receive Nurture and Nourish, and either or both can be purchased separately.


  • Tell me about the portion control plate – how does it work?


The portion control plate is designed for teaching portion control after bariatric surgery. It is bread and butter plate size, and the markings indicate the portions of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates.