Deliciously Balanced Breakfasts E-Book - bariatric edition


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After years of working as a nutritionist, I have learnt that breakfast is a very polarising topic. Some love it, some really hate it.

What I will say is that breakfast certainly does have the potential to make or break your day.

The first meal of your day can do one of two things:

1 - stabilise your blood sugars, keep you satiated for hours, and help to provide you with steady energy levels to get through the first half of the day.


2 - send you on blood sugar rollercoaster with energy crashes, poor concentration and mood, leaving you hungry within a couple of hours (often craving sugar or reaching for another coffee).

This meal guide is designed to give you everything you need to know to be in former category, whilst also allowing you to enjoy delicious food! I have put together over 25 of my best breakfast recipes to help you start your day with a win.

 To make things simple, I have categorised the recipes according to your time capacity:

  • Ready in five

  • Night before

  • Prep ahead

  • I got time

 Also included:

  • Blood sugars 101 - I explain the science of why balanced meals are foundational for health

  • Understanding macros - I explain why each macro is important (hint: you don’t have to avoid carbs)

  • An intro into some of the principles I recommend to help form a healthy relationship with food and learn to listen to your body

  • Brunch guide - tips and tricks for when you’re buying breakfast

This edition has been adapted from the original version to be more specific for after bariatric surgery. The portions are based on about 1Y post op, but can easily be adapted to suit your individual needs.